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 Easy way to hijack accounts

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PostSubject: Easy way to hijack accounts   Mon Jun 04, 2007 2:10 am

OK, making this clear, i did not create this guide. Its from another site...
But if you find this helpful, respond because I apreciate the feedback.

I. Guidelines
II. Checking For Recovery Questions
III. Recovering The Account
IV. Explanation
V. Submiting The Details
VI. Tracking
VII. Extra Info

I. Guidelines

1) You cannot get a name that is being played right now, has to have had no logins for six months.

2) This is MUCH easier if you try a name with no recovery questions, but it still works on names that have them set.

II. Checking for Recovery Questions

1) Go to

2) Click on the "Recover a Lost Password" link at the bottom right.

3) Enter the name you want.

4) Select "I Have Forgotten My Password" from the drop down list.

Now a new page will show up. At the top is the recovery questions. If there are none set, the questions will say "Answer to recovery question 1", "Answer to recovery question 2" etc. If there are none, congradulations, this will be alot easier. If there are recovery questions, ask yourself this, "Do I really want this name?" If you answer yes, continue with the guide (It will take longer). If not, pick another name.

III. Recovering The Account

OK, so you have your name, heres the fun part. You are actually going to "recover" the account, even though you are not the real owner.

1) Go back to the "Recover a lost password" on

2) Type in the name you want.

3) Select "I have forgotten my password" from the drop down list.

4) Check the "I did not set any recovery questions" box. Do this even if there are questions set.

5) For previous passwords, you have to make them up, because you dont know them. Just put whatever you feel like. I personally do, in order, "Idontknow" "bestgameever" and "freestuff". Fill in all three.

6) For last successful login, again you do not know, so make it up (you are begining to realize this is a guide of BS, but hey it works). Do anywhere from 1-5 years.

7) Your new password, easy enough, type the password you want.

IV. Explanation

This is the most important part of the recovering, this is what decides whether or not you get the account. Try to be proffesional, use capital letters, proper grammer, etc. Remeber, a Jagex staff member will read this.

You are going to need a decent explaination of why you forgot your password, because all your above info will be wrong. You want to give jagex lots of info, even if it is made up.

Things to include are
A) Date created
B) Creation IP
D) Location created (Country, State)
E) Say you moved (Why you IP is different)

Here are some sample explainations you can use, or make up your own.

Dear Jagex,
I created this account way back at the beginning of RSC, and I only played it for a short while before I stopped. Now, after all this time I have forgotten my password, and I didn't have any recoveries set. I would really like to have my account back. My IP address has changed because my dad is in the military and we move alot.

Dear Jagex Staff,
I quit playing Runescape for a long time, and i have forgotten my password. My ip has changed since I created it, because my dad is in the military and we are constantly moving. I would really like to get my account back and play again.
Thanks in advance!

Jagex Staff,
I have forgotten my password and i dont have any recovery questions set. My ip when i created the account was, and it was created in The USA. I created the account in December of 2001 i beleive. Since then i have moved, so my ip is not the same. My email address was and my zipcode was 07003.

Again those are examples, use them, or make your own with them. When you are done, submit the form.

V. Submiting The Details

OK, so you finished your recovery request, but it still hasn't been sent to Jagex.

1) Click the Continue button on the first page.

2) Write down the tracking number they give you. (I use notepad, it saves time later when you can just copy paste.)

3) After you have the number, click continue again

4) Enter the tracking number and submit it. (Now it is sent to Jagex)

VI. Tracking

Now you have the tracking number and the request is in.

1) Go to

2) Click the "Track a Recovery Request" link.

3) Enter the tracking number you have saved.

Now one of three things will happen.

A) Pending - Jagex hasn't read it yet, wait and come back later. (During the day, it will take them 5 minutes to read it)

B) Declined - Bad luck old chap, You've been declined. But its not over here, send in another, and add more BS info. You can send in as many requests as you like.

C) Accepted - WOW! Pat yourself on the back you did it! The password has been changed to the one you asked for, and the recovery questions have been cleared.

VII. Extra Info

Here is just a little extra info, and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If the account you recovered has not played at all in RS2, then when you first log on, it will be lvl 3 on tutorial island. If it was played in RS2, then the stats will remain the same. Also keep in mind, the bank will still be there, check there could be money or even rares.

Some names, are just plain tough to crack. If you have sent in multiple requests, and they still havent been accepted, just move on to another name.

As far as number of requests you need to get the account, its either random or just unknown to me. Some I get 2 minutes after I sent the first password request. Others take more, it took me 6 requests to get the name "Mage".

Dont get frustrated, you may not get the name you want right away, keep trying and soon you will get one. This is all a game of luck, just hope the Jagex staff member is half asleep and clicks accept for you.

Let me know if this is in the wrong section.

This guide helps alot if you open up a notepad and keep a record of the usernames, and tracking codes.

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PostSubject: Re: Easy way to hijack accounts   Mon Jun 04, 2007 2:42 am

um.. i dont see a delete button...

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PostSubject: Re: Easy way to hijack accounts   Mon Jun 04, 2007 3:18 am

Please can you delete the above post, and include it with the previous post, there was no need to double post, there is an edit button and a delete button aswell.

and i like the guide even tho its not use, and some grammer/spelling needs to be fix

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PostSubject: Re: Easy way to hijack accounts   

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Easy way to hijack accounts
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