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 Foreman113 Cracker RELEASE!

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PostSubject: Foreman113 Cracker RELEASE!   Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:31 pm


The Foreman113 Passcracker Is finally done it will be released in the New Section Called "Foreman113's Crackers", and only a few people will be able to access this Section and these people will be (admin) So if you want this cracker i suggest you start doing something to help this community, such as donate, or Work on your post counts or Put in an Application. If u succeed in the application then you will be granted access to the New Section. And if this cracker gets leaked you better beleive i will find out the person that leaked it and i will ip ban them and also i will shut down the cracker and also i will make a new cracker. So letshave fun with this. The Application will be under a new section. u willl be abble to tell what it is when u scrool down to the bottom of the site.

Thanks for your patients, your admin
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Foreman113 Cracker RELEASE!
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