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 Selling level 57 Mage/Range hybrid deal.

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JR. Admin/Java Coder
JR. Admin/Java Coder

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PostSubject: Selling level 57 Mage/Range hybrid deal.   Wed May 16, 2007 5:24 am

Well, I'm actually on hold with this. So I'm either selling it or trading it for one of Foreman's accounts. But seeing as he hasn't decided just yet I'll offer it out to you guys to see how much I can get for it. It currently has pending recovs since i bought this from Original Bacon with recovery's on it and couldn't be bothered to have them removed. No PIN or anything, has an untradeable rare item on it (yo-yo). It has done Mage Arena (PWNAGE MAGE BOXER WITH EARTH WAVE MAY I ADD). DT IS NOT DONE! 0 quest points too. If you have any questions about my trustability with the recovery's ask Original Bacon. I'm sure he can vouch me. It has about 6-8 days of membership left on it paid for via PBP. Which I also have no number for, ask Original Bacon for the PIN.


Log in screen:

Some items in the bank:

A/W Good main or 1.9 - 2m.
Any questions just PM me or contact me @
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Selling level 57 Mage/Range hybrid deal.
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