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 Rules of this Section

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PostSubject: Rules of this Section   Mon May 14, 2007 7:58 am

Recentley this was set up so you can nominate yourself but everyone who came to the site just nominate dthemselves.So here are the rules.

You can Nominate for Any Kind of mod,If you nominate for SuperMod they must already be a mod of any kind.

You must have 2 reasons why they should be a mod and have 5 LINKS to threads on this site where they were helping, by MMing trades,donating,helping admins etc.

You must wait 2 weeks to nominate the person again.

If you get nominated and someone votes no they do not have to tell who they are. these votes are private.

And last of all DO NOT SPAM YOUR NOMINATION THREAD,dont post after every other post with an excuse for why u did this/or that/and why. You are allowed 3 posts on your thread, A thank you to the person who nominated you,Updated links to threads of you helping,And a post that you cna put anything else in.

Thats all for now. Any topics that do not have 5 links or 2 reasons will be locked immediately. santa
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Rules of this Section
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